Andrássy Thai Hotel: An engagement of Thailand and the historic Budapest  
Andrássy Thai Hotel opened gates in one of the most famous palaces of the 19th century Budapest evoking the historic atmosphere of that era. Our hotel offers accommodation in this exclusive environment in 19 rooms and 2 deluxe suites. 
Our Boutique style Hotel’s each room and suite attracts guests by unique furnishing and an individual enterieur. 
On the first floor Thailand’s exotic spirit is evoked, it offers an environment with a colourful cavalcade full of oriental scents and mood lights. Rooms and suites evoke magic of the Far East, they are equipped with original Thai furniture and decoration, moreover  we provide real Thai hospitality and spice your holiday by the most professional hotel services.
On the second floor the Budapest bourgeois style and a historic atmosphere welcomes our kind visitors providing the original enterieur of the more than a hundred-year-old palace of the Andrássy Avenue. Furnishing of the rooms harmonizes with the Eclectic Neo-Renaissance style of the beautiful monument palace. We have preserved interior design of the 19th century, fretworks and painted ornamentation decorate our rooms, while they provide the most modern facilities and legendary Hungarian hospitality for You.
The Hotel’s Thai palace floor opened on June 2014. , awaits our dear guests and is available for booking.
The Budapest bourgeois palace floor will expectedly open on July 2014. 
The Andrássy Avenue
Andrássy Thai Hotel is located in Budapest on the grandiose Andrássy Avenue. This boulevard is recognised also as a World Heritage Site so it is one of the most well-known parts of the historic city and the most frequented tourist destinations attracting visitors from Hungary and abroad by dozens of spectacles. The Avenue that lines up famous palaces fits in the city centre’s pulsating circulation and awaits visitors with elegant cafés, restaurants, cultural monuments, bars, clubs and luxury boutiques.
Dining at  Tom Yum Thai restaurant
On the ground floor of the Hotel’s building You will find Budapest’s well-known Tom Yum Thai restaurant and wok bar. It provides Thai show kitchen and an authentic Far Eastern environment offering full scale a’la carte dining at discount price for our Hotel guests. Thai chefs of the restaurant make more than 60 kind of specialities using original recipes, from this rich assortment can our gourmet visitors order breakfast, lunch or dinner.